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    ePolicy Orchestrator Installation Fails/Rollback



      I have a problem with installing the ePO server (ePO 5.3.1).

      The installation performs a rollback and fails.

      It seems that the installer is not able to install the Apache service. The application service and event parser service can be installed, also according to the event viewer.

      In this environment there are policy active the prevent the installation of the Apache service but I haven't figured out what policy this is.

      When I install a new virtual without policies a am able to install ePO.

      My issue looks likes the issue from jrburke99 (ePolicy Orchestrator Installation Fails/Rollback on Multiple Servers) but that solution / workaround will not work for me (ePO is not installed).

      I do start the setup.exe with parameter IGNOREVALIDATIONERRORS=1 because the SQL database is an always on cluster.