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    Threat Prevention 10.1 - OAS Scan Policys - only at read OR at write?




      we are beginning our first tests with Endpoint Security 10.1 and one of the first things that happens was that our Eicar testfile is not detected. Looking up how default policys are configured we found out there are only options for OAS on write OR Read but not both for one Processclass (High risk, low risk, standard).


      No Eicar detection

      No OAS for read AND write


      What did I miss beacuse I don`t believe, that`s it.


      Thanks in adavance :-)


      EDIT: I guess I found the reason for not scanning like it should. In past we did not update AMCore packages and as for the new Version we did not tickled the eploit content within the Master Repository Update Task. I guess this will do the trick but there ist still the question wether or not we can activate OAS on read AND write.