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    Post EPO Upgrade/Migration Checks


      We've recently migrated our EPO installation to a new machine (Windows 2012 R2) whilst doing this we have installed the latest version of EPO.

      Everything has gone really well so far, I believe we have migrated over everything such a policies, tasks etc.

      I've rolled out the new agent from the new EPO server (we still currently have our old EPO server managing most of the machines) but we've rolled out some agents to test servers and our teams workstations.

      Before rolling out the agent to the rest of the machines, is there a report or something I can run to 100% check all policies and tasks are the same as our old McAfee EPO server?

      As I say I've been checking all the policies such as virus scan policies on the workstations and servers, but I wanted to be 100% that all my export/imports into the new server have been successful.

      Any tips on this for a thorough check?