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    ePO Solutions Bandwidth Usage


      When I deploy ePO with VSE, Solidcore, HIPS etc whats the bandwidth utilized by ePO agent? Is there any sizing tool/mechanism available from McAfee?

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          Depends on your architecture. You can rough estimate from the packages size+content (a dat file is about 100MB).

          If you use super agent repositories, unc repositories, peer to peer then you reduce your utilisation.


          Look up sizing guides for ePO and for each individual products. There is also a very good best practice guide for ePO.

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            Can you add DE to the product list that includes Solidcore and discuss datachannel?  I do not sense any bandwidth issues but datachannel is saturated often.  I do not use the inventory feature of Solidcore.  I find it difficult to find information on datachannel. 

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              You're not likely to get a straight answer because too many factors exist.


              When I need to scope an environment, I use the following values

              - Deployment size: Size of the software package ( as found in <epo_install_dir>\DB\Software\ ), optionally, you can add 5 to 10% on top of this for TCP overhead.

              - Incremental Replication size: Will depend on what's in your repository (<epo_install_dir>\DB\Software\). Rule of thumb; Incremental Replication is 15 to 20% of the repository size.

              - Full Replication size: Current Branch only. Will depend on what's in your repository (<epo_install_dir>\DB\Software\). Rule of thumb; Current Repo Replication is about 50% (on avg) of the repository size. This value will vary depending on how you use your branches.

              - Full Replication size: Current/Eval/Previous Branches. Depends on what's in your repository (<epo_install_dir>\DB\Software\). Rule of thumb; Full Replication is about 100% of the repository size.

              - Event size:  2 kb per event. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less.

              Also, scoping event size is a bit trickier because we can never predict how many events a certain group of users will trigger in a day. I use the value of 25 events per day (per product, per system) assuming that nobody is actually tuning the event data in ePO -- which tends to be the case most of the time. This will give you an over inflated value, but it's one that you can justify and use for planning.

              Hope this helps.