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    Issue RSD Action Progress link

      When I click "Action Progress" from the EPO console | Rogue System Detection Events tab it doesn't switch to the Action Progress screen. It stays on the Event History screen. I can get it to work sometimes by clicking the Action Progress link several times or by closing out of the EPO console and logging back in.
      Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this. It hasn't always been like this. I guess for about the past 2 months I've had this issue. It's really annoying.

      EPolicy Orchestrator version Enterprise Edition

      , Thanks

      Paul Ramagost
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          I often have this problem when RSD seems to get overloaded trying to send out agent installs or connect to machines that arent on my normal networks, try temporarily disabling a few of your autoresponses and see if it becomes more responsive.
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            Thanks for the response.

            I have my server running on fairly old hardware so I suppose the issue could be caused by the server being overloaded. I have noticed the processor being pegged out quite a bit on it. It's the only server we have EPO running on and all agents communicate with only that single server.
            I need to get the server moved to newer hardware anyways so hopefully once that is done the issue will clear up.

            , Thanks!