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    Master or Distributed Repository?


      I'm a bit stuck with this.
      What currently have just over 1000 machines on our network, and I have successfully deployed agents across onto these machines (well, for most of them). However, we have just had a request that there are a few PCs that PCAnywhere onto one of the 1000 servers used by the customers. Trouble is, they are on a different IP Address range, and only the server that they connects to has connectivity to these PCs.

      I have configured the server to be a Distributed Repository, and installed the agent onto the PCs, but I can't see them on ePO.

      Does this mean I will have to configure the server to be another Master Repository for that IP Subnet?
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          you should install a second epo server, create a source Repository on the second one to pull dat from the main server. on the main epo you already should have created a master and distribution Repository. Also you can access the second epo from the main one if you have the permissions.