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    Can I upgrade VirusScan Enterprise from the command line?


      We currently have three versions of VSE on the computers in our environment, and I've been tasked with bringing them all up to date with the same version.  Is there a command line switch to do an upgrade installation on a computer that has a previous version of VSE installed?  For a new installation I would use SetupVSE.exe /s to install default options silently.  That does not work when trying to upgrade, and when I manually run setup, I get a message that VSE is already installed and should be removed before continuing.  I don't want to do this in a two-part process first removing the older version then rebooting and installing the newer version.


      I would like to use our company's standard software deployment system to do this which is why I'm looking for an upgrade option.  If that is not possible, what is the recommended method to upgrade clients?



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          Hi Kevcor,


          ePO makes this awfully easy, and the added benefit is that an ePO based install doesn't require a reboot of the machine for VSE while I believe most other methods do.


          Product install task to remove the existing version,   product install task to install the new one, and  except for cleaning up any outliers you're done.


          This presumes that you've deployed the McAfee agent to the machines already.  If you haven't  then ePO actually makes that pretty easy too if you have a domain admin cred.  


          Many folks like to use tag based installation tasks, and you can get fancy and do conditional tagging based on what version is installed, but depending on the needs of your environment, you can adjust the deployment strategy to suit.

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            I was afraid you'd say ePO.  I'm picking up what someone else put down so I'm not familiar with ePO at all.  Sounds like it's time to learn!

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              You should get familiar with ePO, for sure.


              But what you're missing for your current goal is the patch-update package.

              The full install package is only useful for systems that do not have that product yet; assuming you have the latest package, it includes the latest patch level.

              The patch package is only useful for systems that have the product but do not have the latest patch level.


              You could then make a determination via script whether the product is installed already, and then execute the appropriate package.


              There are some limitations with patching though -

              - If the installed product is a very old patch level, it may not be possible to patch-update it using the latest patch package (the patch-update release notes has further detail).

              - Patch-update packages are now very large. If you have bandwidth concerns, uninstall + install may sound much more appealing.


              And quick plug about Reboots, since it was mentioned earlier:

              Whether by ePO or 3rd party or installing it yourself, the reboot requirement is unchanged. That is, we do everything in our power to avoid you having to reboot your system then and there - but, it is _always_ a possibility a reboot may be needed (it's entirely dependent on what happened during the install/upgrade), and it's _always_ best practice to reboot at your earliest convenience after making system-level driver changes (which is what happens when you install our software), not because of our software but because this is Windows and you want to keep your Windows environment as clean/stable as possible.

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                ePO is pretty sweet.  It makes the pain of the point products worth it.    If you want the gas pedal and brakes,  for a single machine, you get into epo, go into the system tree, find the machine you care about  and do actions > agent > run client task now > Mcafee agent > Product Deployment   >    ... if no task already exists to uninstall the specific version of VSE on the machine  do create new task, select the matching product,  select action : uninstall


                Wait a while...   


                Then repeat the same deal with select action install.


                That assumes you already have the version of VSE you want checked into ePO.  If you don't,  then you will need to do that.  The typical thing is to check it into the evaluation branch if it's  new.  THis can get hair and if you check something into current and have install tasks based on that out there things can get interesting.     You can always throw yourself on the mercy of support flying the flag of "this was dumped in my lap, and I need help."   :-)


                Good luck!

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                  Thanks for all the help, guys!