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    How to block Adds/Banners via McAfee Web Gateway




      Dear Friends,


      I want to block all the advertisement which is seen while browsing any site. Users are angry, while surfing internet they see many unwanted adds/ banners which let their browser slow down., etc.


      I visited this link but not much helpful because the thread is about 3 years old and the product GUI has changed also.


      How may i achieve that goal?


      Thank You!



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          I can't help as I'm on the Consumer side but a search of this section for 'block ads' got me this amongst many others:  Re: Block ads silently?

          The community is deserted due to the holidays, hopefully someone will be around Monday onwards.

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            The GUI is changed. I have version. Please provide instructions in this version.


            Thank You!

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              I don't believe it's technically possible to block all ads and banners, and to be honest, it's a little unethical - Ads and banners are how most websites generate money to cover their operating costs.


              And, it's against the terms of service for most websites - for example Youtube specifically prohibits modification of the service.

              If your users don't like seeing adverts, then perhaps educate them to avoid such sites?

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                Brother, adds have category


                some adds are malware,

                some which make browser slow,

                some which we don't want to see (adults, women, etc,) etc..


                Therefore now a days web browsers are providing Add blocker even Antivirus are providing Banners blocking functionality so, why Gateway Doesn't have this functionality?


                Thank You!

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                  Hi Mikrotik,


                  I checked the link you referred to and all of those screen shots still apply to version 7.5.x. There have been some changes, but the policy window for rule creation have remained the same. There was the introduction of a simplified view for pre-built rules, with the full view of the rules being available by clicking "Unlock View".


                  The McAfee Web Gateway includes a category called "Web Ads". You can utilize this category to block sites and content that have been categorized as Web Ads. You would create a block rule to utilize this category list, or add it to an existing category block list. You can make it specific to a type of traffic, specific user groups, type of media, additional category of site, etc. Or you can leave it unspecific to block anything included in that category.


                  For creation of these rules check out the Best Practices, under Policy Filtering: McAfee Web Gateway Best Practices and Common Scenarios


                  Please note, you can run into complications when blocking all Web Ads. Many sites require ads to load, such as pre-roll advertisement before a video plays, in order to be able to access the content. Essentially, the site won't let you view the video if the advertisement does not play before hand (or during). You can make exceptions for these particular sites, but because of content distribution services this can get a bit tricky at times.


                  In regards to blocking Malicious, adult, etc. There are categories for all of these that you can block as well. As part of your category block lists you can block the category Malicious, Pornography, etc. You can also take advantage of GTI risk ratings to block anything that is High, Medium, and/or unverified. There are examples of these GTI rules in the built in Rule Set Library and in the Best Practice guide linked above.


                  For a full list of the categories see: http://www.trustedsource.org/download/ts_wd_reference_guide.pdf


                  You can view the category, applications, media lists, etc in Policy -> Lists -> System Lists.


                  In regards to Malware, make sure that you have included the Gateway Anti-malware Ruleset (Available in the built in Rule Set Library) to your policy, at or near the end. There is also a Best Practice Guide to configuring this ruleset in the link above. This ruleset will scan all content (except for content you've chosen to bypass prior to reaching the rule) for malicious content.


                  Hope this helps,



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                    Hi Pcoates,


                    This is Awesome!. I have successfully blocked banners/adds


                    Thank You very much!


                    Best Regards,

                    Irfan Naseer