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    Migration from VirusScan Enterprise 7.1 to 8.5


      We are currently running ePO 3.6.1 and have managed to successfully install 8.5 VirusScan on most machines. However, we have discovered that some servers are currently running 7.1.
      I have been searching for documentations on how to do this upgrade online, but found nothing, and I was told that you'd have to manually remove 7.1 from these machines, reboot, then install 8.5.

      Having read some of the other threads on upgrading from 8.0 to 8.5, I gathered that I could setup a deployment task to remove 7.1 then install 8.5.

      Does this require a reboot? I wanted to make sure before I do anything, as these servers requires to be up 24/7 and any reboots will require authorisations.

      Thanks in advance for your help.