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    Cannot Open Host DLP-Policy tab from ePO

    anas 14

      Hello All,


      We have an issue with our ePO server, we cannot open DLP Policy tab at all, I've tried to uninstall the Management tool and install it through ePO, I've also tried to install it manually, nothing worked, I've created a service request and we had a remote session for two hours with TIER one Engineer and he repeated what I've tried with no results, then he raised the service request to TIER two Engineer one week ago, and I am still waiting !! any suggestions will be appreciated because we have a lot of operations to do on our DLP Policy?!


      We are using the following versions:

      McAfee ePO 5.1.2

      Host DLP 9.3

      Also We have 9.3.425.4 hot fix

      DLP Extension: 9.3.500.15




      Thanks in advance