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    OEM protection expiring---Want to install ISP supplied FREE McAfee protection.


      I have a new Dell computer and it came with McAfee protection pre-installed. It is expiring a on December 31. My ISP (Cablevision) offers McAfee Multi-Access protection for 20 devices for FREE. I have installed it on 3 other computers here at home already that had AVG free on them. I uninstalled AVG, and installed McAfee on two of them with no problems, but it would not install on 1 of them. That computer belonged to my late sister, and it had McAfee on it at some time in the past. I ran MCPR and then ran the McAfee pre-install program. After that, the Cablevision version of McAfee installed with no problems. What do I need to do when the OEM version of McAfee expires on my new computer ???  Will I need to run the MCPR and the Pre-Install programs or just install the Cablevision version ???  Any help is appreciated.