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    domain value in mwg policy


      Could someone suggest me for this. I waana get the domain arrtibute inthe mwg policy. what policy artibute that i have to use. for example i want to allow client authen with full user " domain\user"

      and want to user domain\user in mwg rule. can i do that caz mwg only see the user not domain

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          Add a rule like this right after your authentication rule.


          Prepend Realm\ to Username

          Puts the domain name in front of the user name

          Rule Criteria:
          Authentication.IsAuthenticated equals true AND
          Authentication.Realm does not equal ""


          Set Authentication.UserName = Authentication.Realm
          + "\"
          + Authentication.UserName


          This will put domain into the logs:



          It can also be used for rules like:

          Authentication.UserName is in list Exception #1: Users or Groups


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            dear eelsasser,

            Your policy help me a lot thank for that but do you have problem with web reporter caz after i use this rule web reporter cannot parse the log .

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              I'd have to see the entire log definition. There is probably a missing quote or the column headers have become mis-aligned.

              The log should definitely import if the field is in the identical place.