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    Anyone updated a GTi Proxy appliance from 2.0.0 patch x to 2.0.0 patch x+1?



      Has anyone successfully updated their GTi 2.0.0 proxy appliance from one patch level to another?  If so, can you explain the process you followed please?  I know GTi is going EOL in two weeks time but there's going to be a couple of weeks overlap between when I upgrade our ePO server and can decommission our GTi server, so I need to patch it to the required level.


      I've had a dig through the GTi Product guide and the section on applying a patch update suggests that you check in a patch package and apply it via server task.  The problem is McAfee Gold support have not been able to supply me with the patch package yet.  They have sent me the install package (containing the extension, agent, plugins and appliance files) and have told me everything I need to do the upgrade is in there.  I've sent them details of what it says in the product guide and I'm awaiting their response.


      The only other section in the Product Guide that talks about upgrades is prefixed with "These steps describe how to upgrade from McAfee GTi Proxy1.1 to McAfee GTi Proxy 2.0" which isn't what I need to do.

      I'm left wondering if my only option is to build another GTI Proxy server add that to the ePO environment and then decommission the old one?  Or if simply updating the GTi extension would be enough to get us by until I can decommission the server (I suspect it might)? 

      Anyone else got any other suggestions?



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          Richard Carpenter

          Hi mcvoodoo


          I have had a look at our Grant downloads page and the GTI Proxy downloads have now been removed. Did the file provided by Gold Support contain any product files you can check into the Master Repo?




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            Hi Rich, many thanks for replying.  They have provided the install files.  When you check these in they appear to contain the files you need to do a fresh install of the GTi Proxy.  The GTI documentation describes the ability to apply a patch to the GTi appliance using a client task (page 106).  It describes creating a Product Update task and selecting GTI Proxy Appliance package type in the Patches and Service Packs section.  I've checked in the packages that Gold support sent, and these packages do not add a GTI Proxy Appliance option to the package types.  Also, no GTi patch package can be seen in the Master repository.


            Without the patch package, I can't follow the documented 2.0.0 patching procedure, and I'm uncertain what procedure I should follow to use the packages I've been sent.  I'm starting the think I'm going to have to create a new GTI server, add that to ePO, and then decommission the old one, but I don't want to do that if there's an easier way to do it?