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    Troubleshooting EPO 5.3


      EPO 101 question:  We are having issues with tasks hanging and/or not completing.  What are some steps to troubleshoot this?  I recall seeing a support person looking on our server or dmz agent and viewing the event parser seeing tons of events not parsed yet, but I do not know where to go to see if those have come back.

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          the event parser log is under

          ePO install directory\db\logs

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            Richard Carpenter

            Hi sw41


            You can also filter the Server Task Log in the UI using the Filter option and selecting Status Does Not Equal Complete.


            Have you had this issue since the Daylight Saving hour changes in October? I do remember an issue where some Server Tasks would run indefinitely due to the end time happening before the start time when the clocks changed, I think this was limited to 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 but may be worth a look. KB83384


            Concurrent Server Tasks are limited to the number or Cores your ePO Server has, so if you have tasks that never finish all other tasks wont start due to resource limits on the server.




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