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    False expiring subscription alerts


      Hello, just needed to post on here about what McAfee has been showing me today. (I messed up the print screen sorry)


      This morning after I turned on my Laptop I got an alert telling me my subscription was about to expire and an offer of a discount of 20% or so to renew. What's odd is my subscription is good for another 6 months. I got another alert a few hours later offering the same thing for even more of a discount, and a third a few hours after that telling me the subscription had expired and offering me a 50% discount.


      I checked the forum and McAfee knowledge base for the issue but the stuff I saw said it actually cancelled the active subscription. So far my subscription is still fine but I will monitor it and see what happens.


      The old subscription expired at the similar time as this current one started and there has been no other AVs or McAfee products on this laptop. MVT said everything was fine. The only two things I can think of that might cause the issue -

      1 my subscription was bought from the US store and I am in Australia (my clock seems to running correctly for where I live).

      2 earlier in the year I had this laptop running win 7 on the current subscription, but have since clean installed win10 and so now in my account I have 2 of this PC (the normal one and one classed as inactive). I have McAfee All Access so the number of licenses isn't an issue but there's no option to remove an old PC.


      Unless it's just spam? I mean I personally wouldn't mind a discount when I need to renew but not 6 months into a year long subscription.


      Like I said I'll see if it continues to happen or if it affects my subscription status but hopefully it won't show up again.

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