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    Incorrect Client FQDN Reported


      I have an issue where by one of our client servers is reporting back to ePO that it's IPHostName or what should be the FQDN as it's NETBIOS name. This doesnt effect the client communicating to the ePO server however it does affect the ePO server performing Agent Wakeup's as it will fail to resolve the FQDN because it's too short (dns suffix stripped out) then it fails the rest of the options (NETBIOS/IP) which is expected. The other thing that this affects is our custom reporting at the back-end which relies on the servers FQDN's.


      My question is where is McAfee framework agent getting this information from on the client? This command recalls the correct information "net config workstation | findstr /C:"Full Computer name"" and the DNS suffix is set correctly in the System Properties (this is a non-domain server). This server is the only one out of 150 that is behaving like this and all servers as far as i can tell are setup the same way.


      i have tried changing the IPHostName in the registry on the local server and in the SQL database on the ePO server however during the next agent wakeup the agent just changes the registry back to the incorrect name then uploads and changes the value in the ePO database. So i need to find out what command is being run or where the agent is looking for this value so i can change it on the server.


      Hope someone can help with this.