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    Database Account Lockouts

      I receive the following error when I try to change my database account password "The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" EPO installed fine initially and accepted these credentials when the system was first built.

      I am using SQL 2005 Express for the database (latest patch level). The OS platform is 2003 locked down using the DISA STIG policies.

      On a daily basis I am seeing the database account get locked out. Any recommendations? I don't want to use a local SA account, but I do know this is a quickfix, so please don't suggest that as a solution. :rolleyes:
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          well, to state the obvious, it sounds like your password is wrong, for the account that is configured.

          if ePO works for a short period of time, after re-enabling the account then it would suggest that another process is using the same account, but it still has the old password stored, so is getting the account locked out for you..?

          suppose you create another account, copy the permissions from your disabled account so that only ePO knows about the new account - does it still get locked out ?
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            Perhaps I didn't explain this clearly enough.

            1. The account attempting to log on to the database is a domain level account.

            2. The SQL 2005 database does not trust that account (read my post).

            3. I already tested the EPO account I created on the domain and it works fine.

            4. When you attempt to use the WORKING credentials in EPO and test them the SQL error is generated.

            This is a SQL Express issue, and the problem is related to authentication failures. I was hoping a McAfee database guru might have an answer.

            I wish it was something as simple as a WRONG PASSWORD but it is not!!!!! :rolleyes:;);)
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              If you are looking for a mcafee database guru you probably want to log a support call with them.
              These support forums provide only user led support for corporate products, mcafee expect you to use your support contract for troubleshooting.
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                Perhaps check the Windows security logs. Could be that someone else is trying to logon with this account ?!
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                  by default, members of the administrators group are granted Sys Admin access to SQL - therefore if this account is a domain admin, it should be ok, but it is worth confirming this.

                  the thing is, im pretty sure you cannot get an account locked out by trying to log onto a SQL DB that you dont have rights to. i certainly never saw it with MSDE. if the password was wrong, sure, that would cause the account to get locked out.

                  the error not associated with a trusted SQL connection can mean a number of things. NTLM authentication type mismatch will give this error, im pretty sure that using a SQL account in a non mixed mode server will also give the same error.

                  regardless of the outcome of this, i suggest you install SQL management studio tools - they are free, and give you a gui interface to SQL Express. from here you can add additional groups into SQL and assign permissions the easy way.

                  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c243a5ae-4bd1-4e3d-94b8 -5a0f62bf7796&displaylang=en

                  it will require MSXML 6 and .Net 2.0