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    Accessing disk when token is invalidated




      My laptop is encrypted with Mcafee endpoint encryption. This requires username password at boot. Yesterday my keyboard had a problem which resulted in some characters duplicated. This resulted in wrong password for few attempts and now I get "user token invalidated" error when I make an attempt to login. I talked to my IT support and it seems they don't support Mcafee EE anymore and so recovery requests. I tried my best to convince them but it seems they don't have the recovery tool.


      I am trying to find out what does error "token invalidated" mean. Does it mean my old password is gone forever and only option is recovery? If I do remember my password is there a way to make it accept the password. 


      Please help

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          If self recovery was enabled, you can click Options | Recovery | Self Recovery and answer the questions. If not, your IT Administrator would need access to the Manager in order to perform a recovery to reset your token. The recovery process is a simple code exchange between the user and IT Administrator. However, if there is no access to the Manager, there is no method to reset the token.

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            Thank you for the response.


            I did try the self recovery. But this laptop was set-up 4 years back and I might have missed the format of some of the answers (date) so I ended up exhausting max retry. I am pretty sure I remember the password now so is there anyway I can make it use the password again instead of recovery? Will it help if I put disk in a different laptop?


            My IT admin doesn't have access to recovery manager. I can request them to install again but I assume some kind of license would be required to install and recover

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              Sorry - your data is probably lost. "Token invalidated" means you guessed so many times the system defended itself by completely zeroing your login information, forcing you to work with a company helpdesk person to get access.


              The only way to recover in this case is by using the helpdesk system your computer is already registered to - if that's been deleted, recovery of your user is simply impossible. Reinstalling it won't recreate your user key.


              The only thing I can suggest is try a different user? Most companies add the real person plus helpdesk user IDs to computers - if you can find out one of their user name/password combinations you can still login.