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    McAfee Agent for Windows, psexec with cmdagent and maconfig fails with error 508


      With Atent 4.8 I wrote some scripts soing some actions aun the target using psexec. With Agent 5 it works anymore, even with the new paths...


      E.g I create \\<node>\c$\mc.cmd containing


      "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\cmdagent.exe" -i

      "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\maconfig.exe" -custom -prop1 "AdminClient"


      Then I start this script with "psexec -h \\<node> c:\mc.cmd"


      Here what I get back:


      C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\cmdagent.exe" -i

      Failed to get ma info, error code <508>


      C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\maconfig.exe" -custom -prop1 "AdminClient"

      2015-12-18 08:32:12.278 maconfig(2120.3604) maconfig.Info: Applying Custom Props.

      2015-12-18 08:32:12.287 maconfig(2120.3604) maconfig.Error: sending custom props failed, last error(508)

      2015-12-18 08:32:12.287 maconfig(2120.3604) maconfig.Error: Applying Custom Props failed, last error(508)

      2015-12-18 08:32:12.287 maconfig(2120.3604) maconfig.Info: configuration finished

      maconfig operation failed with error <508>c:\mc.cmd exited on c030229 with error code 508.


      With Agent 4.8 I've got for an other script:


      psexec -h \\<node> c:\mc.cmd

      Processing <node> ...


      C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" -f

      C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" -p


      How can I create scripts with Agent 5 which are working again with psexec?