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    EETECH unable to decrypt


      Hi guys and girls,


      We have a few laptops which at about the same time started blue-screening when booting windows. First prize would be to get into the machine so that I can investigate. Second would be to get the data. This is where my problem begins.

      When booting from a DETECH disk/usb, I can Authenticate and Authorize, but when I click "Remove DE" it says "Removal process started" and then the window closes itself.


      I've noticed also that if I click disk information, it says "ERROR: Disk Information not available". Everything else is a zero. Repair Disk Information does nothing and I can't restore the MBR or click Token as it says "no boot disk found".

      I've used Set Boot disk and I've toggled taking the drive offline/online. It appears as if the disk is not being detected, however its a perfectly good disk which still tries to boot until it gets a BSOD.


      So far I've got 3 laptops which have this issue and all of them are less than 3 months old. I tested the above options on identical laptops with exactly the same spec (that do not have the BSOD problem) and I was able to browse the drive and use the token option.


      I suspect the MBR was corrupted however I can still log in from the mcafee screen when starting up from the HDD and it starts booting Windows.


      I'm at my wits end. If anyone knows why I can't see the Disk information or why it tells me "Boot disk not found" please let me know. If there is a rootkit going around I'll need to quell it as soon as possible and I need to get back some important data.


      We're running the Endpoint Encryption Agent version


      The laptops are HP 430 G2's with 4gb ram and 128GB SSD.


      Many thanks in advance!


      Kind Regards,