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    Can SADR Perform Roll Up?


      Greetings to All.


      My organization has several sites. One of our ePO servers (5.x) is in a Mid West city. This main ePO can can roll up to our corp main ePO server. 

      My site has a SADR with few 100s clients. The replication has worked OK. From my SADR server task, I know that there is NO roll up task

      I have not found any where in the ePO 4x and 5x product guides about a SADR roll up to an upstream ePO server.


      The ultimate objective is that corp ePO server receives data rolled up from all ePO servers in the corp.  Let say that the Midwest ePO server is ePO#2, the corp ePO is ePO#1,  and my SADR is ePO#3.


      So my question to all you Experts is that can SADR server (ePO#3) roll data up the corp ePO server (ePO#1) directly? or can my SADR roll up to ePO#2 and ePO#2 will roll my data (from SADR) up to ePO#1? (I am sure that ePO#2 does roll up to ePO#1).


      Thank you for your help in advance.


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          roll up data is not a data type you can roll up. Unless there is a way to hack it...

          Might make more sense to consolidate everyone on the same server if there is connectivity between servers.

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            SADRs are not ePO servers. They are systems running the McAfee Agent configured to serve content. There is no data to be rolled up as they are already reporting to a given ePO server.

            Are you saying SADR, but really meaning that you have an additional ePO server? In that case, you can roll up the data to another ePO.

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              Thanks Tomz2.


              After posting the question, I had a similar thought like yours, being that all my local clients reporting to the ePO (#2). 


              Bottom line: Clients report to ePO server.  In our case, all my local site clients report to ePO #2 which then rolls up to the corp ePO (#1).