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    VMWare View/Horizon Install


      New to the group / the MOVE install.


      I have my servers deployed via the ePO and all seems OK and working.


      I have about 200 desktops all vmware view/horizon 5.3 with mostly non persistent desktop with a few stand alones.  I need some guidance on the proper steps on what to install 1st, what to change tweak, etc... on my bases images that i can recompose once completed.  I called service and really did not much other than this response."Just install the Agent in VDI mode and the Move Client either from EPO or manually."  I am like 3 days new to the MOVE and needs more help then just this email response.


      Any help or guide that give a better overview on how and what to install.  I have the 3.6.1 install guide but it list 3-4 steps that are not too clear to me.


      Any other things i need to be aware of rolling this out to our vdi


      Thank you