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    Agent failed to enforce policy on at least one point product


      This error message is present on pretty much all the client computers. Lets focus on one user who now I have to recover every day as the policy is seemingly not being enforced(?) and it passes the 14 day threshold for when they are locked out of the encryption.


      Debugging is on but I cannot find out what is wrong with the policy. Most other users are on this policy as well. They generate this error also but are not locked out.


      Client Event Information 

      Agent GUID:redacted
      Event ID:2422
      Event Received Time:12/14/15 8:43:06 AM
      Event Generated Time:12/14/15 8:42:55 AM
      Host Name:redacted
      User Name:redacted
      IP Address:WWWW.XXX.YYY.ZZZ
      Product Code:Drive Encryption
      SP HotFix:
      Extra DAT Names:
      Event Type:Policy Enforcement
      Error Code :Product may not be functioning as expected
      Site Name:
      Initiator ID:EPOAGENT3000
      Initiator Type:


      Just before the Event Received Time above, I see this in the client logs..


      2015-12-14 14:43:03,799 DEBUG   MfeEpeHost                       From uuid = redacted From Service = MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceredacted To uuid = redacted To Service = MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceClientV2 Message = <element xsi:type="ns1:CPDestructorAck"><sendTo xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress" serviceUUID="redacted" serviceName="MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceClientV2"></sendTo><from xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress" serviceName="MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceV2redacted"></from></element>
      2015-12-14 14:43:03,799 DEBUG   MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceV2..\..\..\Src\EpeFsm.cpp: EPE_fsm::run: 182: Wait for messages was aborted
      2015-12-14 14:43:03,799 INFOMfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceV2Service Stopped Successfully
      2015-12-14 14:43:08,091 DEBUG   EpoMaLpcLog                      Received reverse connect notification


      Input appreciated.