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    TrueKey migration and my experience with tech support


      Hey guys.


      So it looks like I'm going to have to be one of those people.

      You know the sort. The type that join an online community and then proceed to instantly post a hate-thread posting how bad something is. Maybe I should ellaborate more though in which case I shall completely reword my segway to this...


      It would be seen as more common practice for a person to ask a question of the community and then contact support directly if their question wasn't answered. Things are gonna be the other way round for me.


      So I'm sure plenty are aware now that the TrueKey software is replacing SafeKey and that SafeKey will be utterly discontinued at the end of this month. Well, I had a subscription for LiveSafe which I'd grabbed with my old Acer laptop (before I came into a teeny bit of money as a stroke of pure luck and grabbed myself an MSI Dominator Pro G) this came bundled with SafeKey which by now is dated and extremely subpar compared to other password managers out there. I never had the SafeKey purchase change to the five TrueKey licenses I am apparently eligible for with an active LiveSafe subscription and so smelling a rat I contacted customer support about this. Customer Support got back to my via email instructing me to have words with tech support. Any sane person with half a brain would take this to mean I was right and this shouldn't be happening. So I went ahead and contacted tech support...


      ...Several phonecalls with them and eventually I was pretty much told to "wait and see" or "give it time" to put it another way. I did such. Still no change. I grew impatient as I had used TrueKey with the trial/freemium version and it is quite easily the best password manager I've ever used. Randomly while perusing the web I came across a link that offered McAfee Internet Security to me for a price slightly cheaper! than what A year's premium subscription was to TrueKey on it's own!! "Bloomin' 'eck", I thought. "It's blinkin' worth subscribing twice for that price!" and so I bit the bullet and purchased a different, separate subscription to Internet Security just for the sake of having TrueKey (and keep in mind I already mentioned the special price was cheaper than a separate purchase of TrueKey would have been not to mention it would get rid of the irritating "via Acer" branding).


      Enter the next problem. None of the installers would work for me! They would fail over and over consistantly!! I contacted tech support chat regarding this and fully explained the situation to them (about as well as I have to you guys) and then after the "support" personnel had taken control of my machine they proceeded to highlight that I already had LiveSafe installed (which I'd done in the meantime until I could get those installers working) which had absolutely nothing to do with my issue in the first place! He then proceeded to inform me it was likely failing because I already had LiveSafe installed (even though I had already mentioned I didn't have it installed when I first tried the installers.) This was utter rubbish however as the McAfee installer will remove any existing McAfee software/subscription prior to you installing the new one. A paid professional should be fully aware of this. He then informed me they do not let people have two subscriptions running at any single time which I then took his word on (but have since also discovered to be complete tripe). I lost my nut at this. I began raging at him somewhat and informed him "well in that case I want to be refunded the money I just wasted on the Internet Security subscription and be granted the TrueKey licenses I was entitled to. More empty promises at this and we just seemed to be going in circles at which point I terminated the session. After this I vowed to myself never to use another McAfee branded product. I was disgusted. However, this turned out to be a word I'd soon go back on.


      Lo-and-behold the next day as if by magic BOTH installers (for Internet Security AND TrueKey) work and install first time without a hitch! Funny that then, eh? How apparently I couldn't use my newly purchased Internet Security subscription as I already had an active LiveSafe subscription yet suddenly here I was rocking my unbranded Internet Security suite. Which also appears to have unlimited device support which I thought was meant to be the whole pull of LiveSafe anyway.


      Well, I've since decided I was too rash to decide to never use any of their products but I still don't trust their customer support and am unlikely to ever do so. Also, as an afterthought, my still active LiveSafe subscription still  only shows SafeKey acess even though the product is drawing even closer to obsolescence. Shame I can't claim a refund on the LiveSafe sub after all this time. 

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          Well from reading the experience on 14th December; life has not changed with McAfee.  My subscription was taken early ready for 31st December but I am disappointed to find the "simple" email to change from Safekey to Truekey does not work at all.  I have downloaded twice and no luck.  I am not going to go to the bother of getting support staff involved as clearly there is no support there whatsoever.  It sounds it is on the same level as the banking fraternity....you spend time getting stressed and have no result at the end of it.  Extremely annoyed they have taken my money and THEN tell me of a change they are not providing anyway.  Firefox have disabled Safekey and only Chrome will provide me with a service at the moment.  Given they are saying it will cease on 31st December there is not much time left for them to give their customers what they promised.


          Come on McAfee I thought you were a professional company!

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            This Community is peer-to-peer support so I can only say that my experiences with support have always been positive and constructive.   You have to remember if a problem isn't at first solved then you can ask for escalation.  When a product changes or ceases to exist the following is best.  Completely uninstall all the software via Control Panel > Programs and Features, then use the cleanup tool from here:  MCPR, reboot and reinstall from the online account.   Support is free and is best by phone, here: Contact Support

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              Many thanks for taking the time to provide some advice/input, but the programme was installed from the on-line account and had been removed and the computer restarted before installation, twice.  I had presumed McAfee produced their product with the intention of it being user friendly. I feel your suggestion is a lot of trouble to go to in order to get a possible result ie the addition of a clean up tool as well.  Not trying to be difficult but McAfee do not entirely fully know their customers and their technical abilities. They are expecting an awful lot of knowledge and an understanding of computers. At the moment my husband is at my shoulder ready to demand a refund of our subs and go locally in order to purchase something more "user friendly".  I have taken all on board and will see what transpires; not holding my breath.


              I had to take a break from all this problem a short whilst ago which started at 10am this morning so I have spent many hours trying to resolve what should be a simplistic operation. Low and behold 50 minutes after waiting for an on-line chat they decided to respond whilst I was taking some respite. I am now busy writing all my passwords/user IDs ready for their potential loss in 2 days time. Will make another attempt for someone to join me via the on-line chat; not sure where it will take me but Hey Ho, that's life.

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                Why online chat when there's phone support free?

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                  Yes,I believe there is a free phone but waiting for a very important call from a relative and unsure when they would ring so had to keep the phone lines clear.  They have only just been in touch but feel too mentally exhausted to continue this journey.  Will approach with fresh eyes and clearer head tomorrow now.

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                    I understand.  Good luck ;-)

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                      It would be great for you both if someone spotted this who uses Truekey now after using the earlier product, unfortunately I am neither.

                      All I know is what the FAQ states.

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                        I have investigated OP's issue and found there are expired subscriptions which led to the confusion. j800r Please let know if you would need a Support Session ?

                        lizzie573 - I will look in to your issue and post back.

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                          Thank you for your attempt at assistance. However, my post was made a while back and things have happened since which have clearly caused a large amount of confusion for you.


                          My conundrum is no longer relevant as the extra security subscription I'd purchased just for access to TrueKey has now been cancelled and refunded as I randomly logged into my account to discover they'd FINALLY given me my TrueKey licenses! Everything is all fixed and sorted now. However, my experience with McAfee support still hasn't been the greatest and in truth I am only sticking with McAfee now for the sake of TrueKey which is the best password manager of it's kind.

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