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    Virtual Appliance Sizing


      Hello all,


      If anyone could illustrates a subset of sizing on the  MWG Virtual Appliance (VMware ESX) Capacity and how many licences options I could have ?!


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          Hi kooo3,

          first of all, you have to know which bandwidth is used. For best sizing results the Request per second value should be used.

          If this is not available take a look at the MWG sizing guide. You can find this guide on the McAfee Website.


          You can find the Hardware specifications in this threat: Re: MWG sizing issue


          At the moment i have a problem with the Partner Portal Login. Take a look at the attached sizing Guide. I do not know if it is the latest version. Therefore always take a look at the mcafee Website.


          Licensing: If you have any questions for licensing always ask your responsible McAfee representative in your country. There are different license models available. MWG is licensed by user, therefore you can install as many virtual appliances as needed.


          Hope this helps,


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            thanks a lot man