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    Firewall won't turn on. MVT repeatedly fails to run. No fixes work.


      I ran a system restore to recover a program that was erroneously uninstalled. My McAfee has been failing ever since.


      The firewall and real time scanning are turned off and will not turn back on. When I click on them, the circle spins for a second. Then McAfee immediately disappears and returns me to the desktop. My Chrome stopped working at the same time and responded the same way McAfee did, spinning for a second and then immediately disappearing, returning me to the desktop.


      New foreign files were added to the McAfee folder yesterday after the system restore. Some of the file names are just really long strings of numbers.


      I tried to install the Virtual Technician, and after failing to download repeatedly, it finally downloaded. But then it just kept spinning. I tried everything I found in the other community chats, and literally none of them worked. It took hours to set up a login to even access the the community, and now I'm ready to throw my computer against a wall. I am in Africa and desperately need protection... immediately. Help?!?


      Here are snippets that may be helpful...

      Task Manager:

      mcafee details in task manager.JPG 

      Details tab in Task Manager:

      mcafee details in task manager.JPG


      Program Files > Common Files (almost all new!)

      mcafee in common files in program files.JPG

      Program Files > McAfee

      mcafee folder in program files.JPG

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