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    Will the Mcafee Agent's GUID change when the machine is connected to VPN


      I recently notice duplicate machine entries in the ePO, then i came across KB52949.and partially understood the when a machine gets connected to vpn a new machine entry will be created so we need to insert the first 6 digits of the VPN Mac address into the ePOvirtualMacvendor table.


      But even after doing everything mentioned in this article, i still able to see duplicate machine entry are getting created.


      so i wanted to know the following things


      1.when a McAfee Agent connects to the ePO server, will the ePO server look for agent GUID and the Mac address of the client machine?

      2. what happens if the Mac address of the client machine changes(as it happen when a machine connects through VPN), will it create a new GUID?

      3. Will the agent GUID change if the Mac address of the client machine is same as the others machines Mac address present in ePO?