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    Query configuration question


      Hey all,


      i am working on creating an alert that will check with the server and inform me when i have systems out of date based on the DAT file version.

      When creating this query it was easy, as most of my desktops do not move and go through the IT department when there are changes.


      my issue i am running into is creating this logic in one query for both the desktops and laptops.


      My logic for the criteria.


      Query Desktops

      Tag includes workstation and excludes laptop.

      DAT file version < Server version (4 version... around 4 days)


      Query Laptop

      Tag includes workstation and includes laptop.

      DAT File version < Server version (4 dats)

      and Last communication > 14 days.


      ePO runs the task (Query for both Laptops and desktops), and sub action "Generate Compliance Event" with the target system set to 1.

      I then run an automated response if the server retrieves and EventID of 16000, "System out of compliance"


      The main issue is, i have two query's and when the auto response is ran, i receive two emails with two different batches of system. I would like to combined these to one email if possible.


      Thanks for help in advance guys, first time getting into the meat and potatoes of ePO.


      ePO Build 5.1

      Agent 4.8