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    PP 1.5 Client Updates

      Apologies for the idiot questions, but I find the help for PP 1.5 confusing:

      1/ Is it possible to update the client PC dat's without using the PP agent update task? It seems to consume quite a lot of CPU on the workstations, and slows them down for about 20 mins whilst the task completes. Is that normal behaviour? End users are complaining...
      If the high CPU load is normal, it would be nice to have the update of Dat’s to be done say after x mins of idle, or logon to minimise disruption in work hours. I can’t see a way of achieving this?

      2/ On the client workstations (in VS console window), the auto update task is set to 13.00, even though I have changed the default PP agent task to run once at 18.00?

      3/ Any suggestions for the update intervals for the policy enforcement and ASCI? - the default settings seem a little too often?

      As a general comment, PP console hangs sometimes (on different servers in different domains, so not machine specific). Is that typical?

      And the process of having to manually add in CMA – eg when using VS 8.5 seems a little basic......Are there any plans for a more automated update of required patches? Or a new version of PP?


      OS=server 2003 SP2

      Thanks in advance for your help


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          Am i asking idiots questions, or have i phrased them incorrectly?
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            1/ Not really as using a manual file would use about the same system resources.

            2/ Check and fix your own task, you have set something incorrectly

            3/ a lot of people use 1 hour for check in and 15 minutes enforcement, its not using that much bandwidth really

            not enough info on PP hanging to comment

            package check in is improved from epo 3.6.xxx to 4.00 but more confusing as you check in a zip and then (depending on product) and additional management component. but fat chance of them improving PP. Really they either want you on Small business managed AV or on EPO.
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              Thanks for your help Tony, most appreciated. Seems like no-one at NAI is interested in PP...I got that feeling form the lack of "polish" on the product, and the fact that PP questions don’t get answered often! 8(


              The PP agent update task is definitely set to 13.01 at the "all computers level". on the individual PC (in the PP console), I can see it inheriting the task, and thus the settings for schedule are greyed out – as expected.

              Yet on the actual PC in the VS console, the “auto Update task” is set to exactly 13.00? - i'm not being anal about the min difference- that fact that it isnt the same as the PP console is set to puzzles me...

              And just as an aside, the task will run after logon if the machine misses the time? – I have just switched a machine on, which missed the 13.00 update task, and can see that the “auto Update task ran at 16.20”. that behaviour is to be expected/can’t be changed?

              Best regards,

              Martin Porter
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                the PP agent update task and the autoupdate task are not the same thing.
                autoupdate is just there by default, and switched off in my case as I use epoagent task to update not the autoupdate task. If you cant see the task in the console on the machine then it sounds like it hasnt taken the centralised update task, test this by creating an additional task for this machine and see if it trickles down with enforcement.
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                  Thanks Tony (again)!

                  So the PP agent update task updates the machines (both agent and dat/engine) at the schedule specified by the PP console, that’s understood and how I assumed it worked.

                  The Autoupdate task is independent of this (and appears on unmanaged machines so that they update when unmanaged) - that’s correct?

                  There doesn’t seem to be:

                  1. a way of managing/deleting the autoupdate task from PP?
                  2. or even going to each workstation in turn and deleting it there? - I guess I could "un-schedule the task" on each machine?

                  If the answer to 1 is no, then that seems to be a big limitation of PP? Its advantages for managing clients is diminished, and given the fact that "push" installs don’t always work then I'm beginning to more than disappointed with PP

                  On that note, is the EPO a better bet? Does it offer better control of clients? and given that I look after multiple small companies with between 10-40 users, would I just be better of running MacAfee unmanaged? (like I used to, before rolling out PP to 3 companies)



                  PS If anyone at MacAfee is reading, perhaps they could comment on PP as well? I assume that these forums are read by MacAfee at least once in a while?!!!!