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    ADLU Windows 10 on DE 7.1.3


      Does anyone else have issues while applying ALDU in Windows 10?

      Drive Encryption 7.1.3

      I can't login on Mcafee PBA with Local Domain Users Accounts


      Mcafee Agent 5.0.2

      Windows 10

      Drive Encryption 7.1.3

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          I gave up trying to get DE 7.1.3 to work on Windows 10. It was having issues with the DE 7.1.3 policies not being enforced when using Agent 5.0.2. With Agent 5.0.2, I noticed that EEADMIN was not showing up on the client side. Was told by McAfee support that agent 5.0.2 is not supported with DE 7.1.3 and to wait for Agent 5.0.3. Using Agent 4.8 Patch 3 did work but in the past I was told that this agent is not fully supported under Windows 10.

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            Not yet supported, but does it work?


            It seems to in our environment.  Sometimes the pragmatic approach is the right one.