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    epo and VSCANMAC8600: update dat via epo

      Hi. We just started installing VSCANMAC8600 on Macs running OS X.

      We installed the agent on the Mac and I can see the mac in the epo tree.

      The Macs are setup to do daily DAT retrieval via FTP from McAfee but it looks like sometimes that fails.

      Should agent wakeup with a task of update DAT now work?

      I am very familiar with how to do this for PCs.

      Anyone had any experience with Epo and Macs?

      If i look at the log on the Mac, when I try to schedule an update DAT file the log file says

      naisp32 : ***signature doesn't match!..pkg received from <nameofeposerver>

      Also, I thought instead of sshing to the Mac I might be able to look at the client via the web as that works for pcs (we use port 8084) but http://nameofmac:8084/ does not work either.