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    Running EPO 5.3 many agents are reporting unmanaged or managed with no communication


      I'll say first that I don't really manage the EPO server. That's my network admin. I'm usually in charge of logging on and pushing the Agent to a new PC.


      We were previous running an older version of EPO (Don't recall version was on Server 2003). Network admin upgraded to 5.3. He ended up naming the new server the exact same as the old. I'm not sure if he removed the old agents from the machines.


      I've been having an issue where some machines (that previously were managed,alive and responding) that are coming back as unmanaged. When I try and push an agent to them, or even FORCE it, the task on that unit expires/fails. Some machines are "Managed" but don't have a communication date, IP addy, username etc.  Same procedure as the unmanaged. Try to install or force the agent nothing.


      Did my Network Admin incorrectly transfer our old EPO to the new EPO?

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