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    Antivirus program cost


      I Recently bought my mother a laptop and she's not real familiar with it, and she lives in another state.Of course right off the bat she gets problem with virus or malware not sure , but was gonna walk her thru anti virus program, but in meantime she called mcafee and they end up selling her a 2 year deal with some kind of antivirus program that comes out to about 175.00 per year. Is there something mcafee would sell that cost that much?

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                               It seems that your Mother most likely contacted McAfee Consumer Support, and mentioned the fact she had encountered a Virus/Malware. Which we do have a (One Time) cost for Removal and or a Plan(s) through Techmaster which covers more than one instance.  McAfee


                                 Being uncertain as to what she may have purchased, would determine the actual cost. I would surmise that she also subscribed to a Security Suite as well. You can of course either your Mother/and or yourself contact Customer Service and they will assist you in determining exactly what transpired.


                                 She should have a (CS) Customer Service Receipt Number which one can use  to enable McAfee to better inform her/you of exactly what was purchased. Please keep in mind that short of having to pay for Adware/Malware/PUP removal.


                                   Although we here in the Intel/McAfee Community are not actually (Support). We can in most cases offer advice/suggestions to help resolve such issues and concerns. Should it be the case we cannot, we will direct you to the Proper area for assistance.


          All the very Best,


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            I also thought I would add a Link to the various Products offered from McAfee.

            Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee

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              Peter M

              It's possible she bought the Techmaster Service which is the professional malware/virus removal & general help service that McAfee offers, however there are many "services" masquerading as McAfee (or other security companies) and it's best you take a look at the bill.   I'm just concerned she may have thought it was McAfee when it wasn't.

              McAfee offers full refunds within 30 days if not satisfied, Customer Service can help.

              Plain a/v suites are offered much more cheaply.

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                That worry crossed my mind as well, and is why I inserted those Links. Should slimjim77 or his Mother wish to contact Customer Service, and also see the prices/promotions McAfee Has going on. Especially 'McAfee Total Protection' @ 39.99 per year almost made me go ahead and Renew early.


                I will say that I know of a Consumer who recently purchased a (2) year TechMaster subscription and it was somewhere along that priceline, if I am not terribly mistaken.

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                  Peter M

                  slimjim77 I moved this to Consumer General as a better spot for it.

                  Can we assume it's answered?