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    EPO 4.0 problems with testing

      We have just recently upgraded to EPO 4.0 and we are behind on client updates on most of our systems. We would like to be at VSE8.5iwith the McAfee 3.6 in the next month, we are currently on VSE8.0i patch 16 and CMA 3.5.5. What I would like to do is setup a test group in the systems and test pushing these updates to just the new agent and the new client. The problem that I am seeing, and this is problably something I am just missing, is that when I check in the patch 16 for the 8.0i client I had no control over what PC's this pushed out to it just went automatically to every client in the network. Is this just because this was a patch or if I check in a package will it automatically be pushed to all PC's.
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          Please refer to knowledge base article number KB45443, called VirusScan Enterprise software patch deployed prematurely by ePO.

          Below are some of the items that cause VSE patches to be deployed to ALL systems.

          Global Updating is enabled in the ePO server configuration
          Selective Updating for VSE is enabled in the Update task configuration (Global Updating does not impact this situation)
          Local update task is enabled with defaults selected
          Update Now selected from the ePO agent or VSE system tray icons
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            Thanks for the information this made a lot more since than McAfee's Help desk. happy