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    Poll - Task schedules ?

      What's your task scheduling look like?

      Global Updating = Enabled for DAT, HIPS
      Deployment = Immediately, Run task at every enforcement, All Products
      DAT Update = Daily every 6 hours, DAT Only
      HIPS Update = Weekly, HIPs Content
      Engine Update = Weekly, Engine only
      On Demand Memory Scan = Weekly, 3 days a week
      On Demand Full Scan = Weekly, once a week, 20% CPU

      Most all set to randomize by 20 mintues and delay missed tasks by 90 minutes (in the hopes of not hitting an offline machine at startup but it appears not to help)

      These tasks support both local LAN based clients and field VPN clients.

      I adjust Tasks during product Updates (Engine, Patch, VSE), Virus alerts and Microsoft Patching weeks.

      Biggest issue - Laptop users who come in and get hit with a full VSE system scan, microsoft patching scan, Windows defender updates etc all at once with VSE being the killer.