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    EPO 4.0 "Task Catalog"? does such a thing exist?

      Hi there

      I have noticed something that i am sure is a bit of an admin pain, or maybe im just missing something obvious im not sure.

      In EPO 4, there is clearly a 'Policy Catalog' so its easy to keep track of all the policys that are preset and saved for certain systems configurations. There is also the ability to change the policy on specific systems, and will state if this policy is different from the rest in its group saying its 'not inheriting'. In this way, it is very similar to when you apply tasks to systems, and groups. What though is not similar is the way to keep track of all the tasks that you have and can create for different systems.

      If i make a task for a specific system, say a 'run immediately' on-demand scan, that task will run and i call that task 'on-demand task now' and then stay in the 'tasks' menu for that system and never goes, even though it only runs that one time on it.

      Not only that, if i then create another task for another system and call the ask, maybe accidentally the same name as the task i created in the first instance, then it will say 'there is already a task with that name', but it doesnt tell me where and on what system it is on etc. . . what a pain

      Theres no easy way that i can see to keep track of maybe old or even currently existing tasks running on a specific system from a higher level than looking at the task details for every system . .

      Would it not be a good idea for Mcafee to implement a 'Task Catalog' to complement the currently existing 'Policy Catalog' and Tag Catalog' ?

      Have i missed something obvious?