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    Cannot connect Web Console / Interface




      Dear Friends,


      I have installed McAfee Web Gateway Virtual Appliance on VMWare. IP Address / Gateway / DNS are configured manually. The Network Adapter is configured as Bridge to Physical setting but i am not able to access the console of MWG on my Physical machine even not able to PING.


      I watched this Video Tutorial completely but having issue while connecting interface/ webconsole.


      Do i have to configure something else?


      Thank You!



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          This is most likely an issue with your vmware environment. 


          From the web gateway command line

          1. Can you ping your default gateway? (   ping 192.168.8.X  )
          2. Can you run the following command, which will show any traffic arriving at the gateway, and try and ping it from the system where you're trying connect to the admin console: tcpdump -ni eth0
          3. Which physical interface is it bridged to? (Check your vmware virtual network editor, and if applicable make it so it connects to a specific interface). Remember this physical network here also needs to be in 192.168.8.x/24 to have a chance of getting the traffic routed to the gateway



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            Yes it was VMware configuration issue, which we fixed. Please find in attached our correct VMWare configuration.


            Thank You for your help)).


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            Irfan Naseer