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    pushing mobile phones to use Mcafee IP and port number as proxy server


      Hi all,


      I am new in the Community and this is my first post, I would like to get an advise about this issue :-


      before one year me [ network engineer ] and the system admin who is in charge for MacAfee web gateway tried to use the ip and port number to input on mobile phones to push user to go through proxy server and use his domain account to obtain his profile privileges and access only allowed websites on his profile


      the test was successful


      system admin has left and new admin has came, we tried the test again in order to start implementation but the test was unsuccessful


      what we are trying is for example on iPhone device:-

      1. server IP   [ MacAfee web-gateway ip address ]

      2. port number : 9090

      3. authentication option enabled

      4. username : domainname\username     then password of the user account


      still user cant get access to internet via the proxy.


      any advise will be great