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    Upgrade Pilot from VSE8.0i to VSE 8.5i


      I have an issue which is causing me a real head ache and hope someone could help me out and point me in the right direction

      We would like to start piloting 8.5i on specific servers

      Currently running
      VSE 8.0i Patch 11
      Approx 10000 clients

      What would be the best method to start the pilot?

      I can add VSE8.5i to the master repository, create a group, add the specific machines and set the deployment task to install 8.5i.... but 8.5i only runs with agent 3.6x.

      When i add agent 3.6x to the repository it replaces 3.5x rather than add it as an additional.

      I know VSE8.5i has the updated agent built in, will this automatically upgrade to 3.6x?


      I downloaded the framepkg_UPD.exe and manually upgraded 1 server to agent 3.6x. all ok.

      I then tried to manually upgrade to VSE8.5i, install hung when trying to install common framework, complete nightmare, had to reboot the server, try again. Finally finished the install but not reporting to the ePO correctly.


      Thanks guys
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          Before contemplating VSE 8.5 get everything up to date with at least 3.6.569 (3.6.546 sucked and 3.6.574 is still pretty new) agent using your EPO server. This may take you a few weeks.
          Use the EPO agent part of your deployment task to update all the agents to the latest version with the install option.

          Once you have full agent coverage then you can start to think about piloting VSE 8.5.
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            Thanks for your reply Tony.

            Due to tight internal procedures it will be hard to get a authorisation for a blanket rollout of the new 3.6x agent.

            Is there a way of adding the agent into epo without deploying to everyone?

            What would you do?