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    Filter list of strings




      I cannot find an easy answer to my problem.


      Our MWGs filter the Internet access based on specific Active Directory OUs membership.


      The OUs' names all begin with "WebFilter-" and I would like to filter Authentication.UserGroups to only keep these "WebFilter-" groups and remove the others (in a User-Defined variable for instance). We have to do this because there is a limit easily reached (1024 characters) in the number of characters that can be dealt with in Content Security Reporter database at the moment.


      Is it possible?


      Thanks for your help.

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          I would not log the entire list of group memberships but just populate a user-defined variable in the matching rule. Without knowing your rule structure it's hard to tell but let's assume you have a list of rules that match specific OU membership, you could add an event to each rule to just write the string you want to log into a user-defined property. Subsequently you need to modify the logging rules to pull that user-defined property instead of the Authentication.UserGroups.

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            That is a very good workaround. I need to rewrite a little bit how my policy works but this will a much easier work than finding a way to actually filter the list of strings of my OUs.


            Thanks a lot ifrank!