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    How can I determine whether the McAfee firewall is on?


      I'm asking this questions because recently I setup a website on my computer using IIS, but any computer except my own cannot access to my website, and they cannot ping to my computer either. I assume it is the problem with the firewall, so I disabled the windows firewall. It didn't work.


      Now I guess maybe McAfee, the only anti-virus software on my computer, includes a firewall. But the problem is that this computer was pre-installed with all the necessary software by the university, and the only information I can get for now is that it is a "VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8, Anti-Malware+ Add-on Modules". Within the software console, I cannot find anything about the firewall.


      So, can anyone help me to confirm whether this particular McAfee software incorporates a firewall. If yes, how can I turn it off and change the settings? If not, what could possibly cause failed ping to my computer?


      Also, can I find a potential firewall process in the "Task Manager"? I saw mcshield.exe and mfevtps.exe. Will either of them function as a firewall?


      Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


      And happy Thanksgiving!