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    Reboot when updating VSE



      i need to update from VSE 8.8 patch 1 to patch 4. I can not reboot critical servers.


      1. Can I go from patch 1 to patch 2 to patch 4 without a reboot?

      If not

      2. Can I remove VSE patch 1 using VSE removal patch 4, and then load VSE patch 4? All without a reboot?


      If neither 1 nor 2 is possible, can I have servers with VSE 1, 2 and 4 on ePO 5.3? I might get a maintenace window later. For now I need to move all my servers from epo 4.6 to 5.3 because 4.6 end of life. I have both ePO servers runner in parallel. I am hoping to accomplish this by pushing new MA 5.0. Hopefully this doesn't requir a reboot?


      thank you for you help