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    Create new/duplicate server (clone)


      I've been looking at how to clone an EPO server, and I'm not sure I'm finding what I need.

      I'm creating a new server and once I'm done with that I want to create a duplicate that will run separately from the cloned server.


      I've searched the KB and this site, but I haven't found anything related to what I'm trying to do... I'm sure there is a KB somewhere, but maybe I'm not searching for the correct phrase?

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          What are ultimately trying to accomplish?  Set up a new server and tear down the old?  Or run two copies of ePO concurrently managing the same set of Agents?  That might help figure out the best way to proceed.

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            I'm basically wanting to keep a stage/test server so they will run independently. Right now I don't have any agents deployed using my build system. Once I create the new clone of my stage/test server that clone will be come the production system, and I'll start adding agents on the new one.


            And to add to that both servers will have different names.

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              Ah, okay.  Assuming that your goal is to replicate the policies from your dev environment to your production environment, there are a couple of ways to do this. 


              Instead of cloning the first server, set up the second server with a normal ePO install.  Then, either:


              1) Set up each ePO server as a registered server with the other.  Once that's done, you can share policies between the two ePO servers.  Modifications of the policy on one ePO server will affect the policy stored on the other ePO server.


              2) Export the policies from one server and import them into the other.  This will just be a point in time transfer of the policies, rather than a constant sync, but this may be exactly what you're looking for.


              There's no real way to clone the system that I could think of.  If it's a virtual server, you could possibly clone the entire server and assign a new hostname/IP to the cloned server.  I think that would work, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.  Among other possible issues, you'd be running the exact same encryption keys on both servers, which likely is not ideal.

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                That was what I was thinking, but I was hoping it was possible to install a new copy on a new server, clone the database, and then re-point the new server to the new database.


                Is that a possibility at all?

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                  You can set up fresh EPO  install on your clone server, then do the backup and recovery on that new server from your production environment . Just follow KB66616 and you should have a new clone server.  I recommend deleting the agent handlers, and disabling all automatic tasks on your clone server so there is no chance it would affect your production environment.

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                    I saw the backup and recovery, but will that be ok having both servers running at the same time? If it is just the agent handlers that would be pretty easy, but it feels like there is more to it than that with everything I've been reading.

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                      This is really the only way you can have a real clone environment. I had my clone server for about 4 months now, I usually disable the EPO services if I am not using the clone.

                      You can also;

                      • Delete Agent Handlers
                      • Disable all Server Tasks
                      • Delete Registered Cloud Accounts
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                        Awesome, thanks for your help folks. It looks like I'll probably just export and import the policies. I want both servers to be running at the same time, but to function differently.