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    Email Gateway


      Dear community,


      We have recently purchase the McAfee Email Gateway version 7.6.4 and are in the process of implementation. We are replacing the Microsoft Exchange Edge transport with the McAfee Email Gateway. Currently the HUB/CAS transport communicates with the Edge using connectors. When I am adding the Email Gateway, I can configure the Relay list or MX lookup or Domain lookup to send emails for a local domain which are destined from my internal users but when an email is being send to a domain out side, what configuration on the HUB/CAS can be done? Do I need to add connectors for the Email Gatway?


      We are currently in the process of implementation.


      Thank you


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          I was able to start the communication using receive connector and send connector on the Exchange HUB/CAS for the McAfee email gateway. This way the emails started to be processed and delivered.


          Thank you.