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    Deployment of HotFix from ePO appears to kill VSEL on client


      I've just set up a task on the ePO to deploy the engine to clients immediately.  This task ran successfully against a test client at 6.13 pm, and I confirmed that the expected processes were running on the client.  About 15 minutes later, I noticed that none of these processes were now running.  I cannot find any log files on the client, nor messages on the ePO, that would explain this, except for the following:


      - There was a message in the client's VSEL Apache error log stating that at 6.16 pm something (nailswebd?) had caught a SIGTERM, and was shutting down. 

      - The Client Events list for this client on the ePO shows the automatic deployment of HotFix HF872066, again at 6.16 pm.  It states "Deployment/Update Successful".

      - /var/log/messages had: "nails-scan-status[27847]: LogClient connect failed on /var/opt/NAI/LinuxShield/dev/nailslog fd=21 No such file or directory(2)", also at 6.16 pm.  However, there's a release-notes kind of page somewhere on this site that says the absence of this file can be ignored.


      I have manually restarted VSEL on the client, and it appears to be happy. 


      It is possible that this HotFix, or the act of deploying it, somehow killed VSEL.  Is that a reasonable supposition?  How should this be investigated further?  I don't want to have to restart VSEL on every client every time a HotFix is deployed...