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    Proxy HA, one appliance is not able to update.

    anas 14

      Hello All


      We are facing a problem with MWG cluster, we have a cluster of MWG appliances in Proxy HA mode, with 7.4 version, the primary is working fine and updated, but the secondary is not able to update and not receiving any requests, I have checked the Update logs it shows the following :


      [2015-11-23 12:35:42.983 +04:00] Node FD06B941-705A-11E2-A46C-001X674C2XFC (XX-MWG-Secondary) has an invalid license file and will not be updated


      however both appliances have the same license file and its valid!

      the secondary appliance have nothing on the Dashboard it is giving a gray Alert Peak as shown in the following snapshot, and the primary is showing an error "shared data not synchronized ... "





      The  version difference might cause this issue

      MWG-Primary version :

      MWG-Secondary version :

      however I've set the Level Of Version Check under Central management to be Only major relaese (very relaxed)


      Any suggestions will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance

      Anas Ismail