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    ePO upgrade



      This is reg the ePO upgrade. I am doing from 4.6.8 to 5.1.1. I have removed 2005 SQL and installed 2008 SQL r2 SP2 and  I have restored the 2005 ePO DB to 2008 SQL r2 sp2. Its in the same ePO server.  now checking the KB KB71825. there as per SQL DB changes, I am having an issue with the collation.

      for SQL 2008 the collation is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS. but in ePO DB its Latin1_General_CI_AS.  the ePO DB has to be in the same collation with the SQL DB as per the KB. Can I able to change the collation in ePO DB. Will it work?. Any suggestions Please.


      Thank you