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    files changed to exe format and emaIl1_key AT asteroidmail.com_email2_key AT moonlinet.com added



      I encountered a problem on november 19: suddenly many files were changed to a .exe format and id123456789emaIl1_key AT asteroidmail.com_email2_key AT moonlinet.com was added to the file name.


      Google: only in Germany one case known, on a Danish website I saw a line as well about this ransomware.


      I had a go with mcafee virusscan 8.8 patch 5 latest dat file but nothing, one big nothing.

      Mcafee just past those files like nothing was going on.


      On the intrusion detection: also nothing.


      Does someone have a clue what ransomware or malware this is?

      And how to detect the affected pc that is changing the filenames...(would be very helpful).


      Thanks for the reply.


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