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    False Artemis!698DF974BEEB - McAfee Detects Legitimate Software     as an Infection


      McAfee has identified a file UniCryptH.exe as a virus (see below screenshot).


      False Artemis!698DF974BEEB.PNG


      McAfee has identified a fileUniCryptH.exe as a virus (see screenshot).

      The analyzer detection Method was OAS .


      We called the developer (MeDoc) - said that this file should be all right - licenses, certificates, etc. everything is OK, just need to add it to the list of exceptions. The file needs to work with certificates and digital signature software ME-doc.


      Please add the file unicrypt.exe to the list of exceptions McAfee.


      I have also test the file on the https://www.virustotal.com  and seems clear.



      Could you please investigate and test the file and if it is clear add the unicrypt.exe to the list of your exceptions,  as soon as possible ?


      Thanks in advance!!