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    HIPS exception issue


      I have been having several issues with creating exceptions that actually work. I have found that if the exception has a description the exception will not take and the action performed will continue to trigger the signature. When I remove the description the exception works properly. Is this a known issue or is there something that is possibly corrupting my exception is there is a description in it?

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          Description field needs to match exactly what is shown within the General tab if you inspect properties on a file. It is not a generic field which you can label your exclusions.


          Example: mspaint.exe

          If you right click, select properties then move to the General tab you will see

          Description: Paint


          I don't recall if this is case sensitive but it would not surprise me to find out that it is.


          I have seen in the past where the file creator has padded the description with a space before/after, probably unintentionally but it still impacted my exclusions.


          Hope this helps.